Veld Restoration Project

In 2012, the area known as ‘The Plains’ on Lissataba underwent a veld restoration project. These open patches of veld are old tomato fields which are still recovering from this farming practice and are dominated by grasses in early stages of succession as well as forbs. Neither of which provide good grazing for the game species.

In 2012, 12 50x50m grids were laid out on the fields. 6 of the plots were treated with fertiliser whilst 6 plots were left as control areas. The aim of the project is to monitor the effects of the fertiliser over time and to see whether it has a positive impact in the treated areas. We hope that the treatments will encourage the growth of perennial species which are attractive to herbivores as well as increase general grass biomass and coverage.

A badly eroded area on the plains is also undergoing restoration by using “soil savers” which is a biodegradable 100% jute yarn woven to form a 65% open mesh structure. This is a perfect way to assist with binding the gravel. The area identified was levelled using a tractor and blade. The “soil saver” was stretched over the area and secured. The area was then brush packed using thorn branches to stop any animals walking over this area as well as to allow the grass to grow through the “soil saver” and create a stable bed of grass. This has been extremely successful, the project will continue over the next few years.