Ticker off a 'lifer'Species lists, a must for the “bush mad” among us. Whether we make them for own personal use or for the
game reserve we reside on, it is a great way to keep a check on the species diversity and a reminder of what we have seen. Many shareholders of Lissataba have made their own lists and have shared them with us. Whilst setting up the website, we thought it would be a great idea to add species lists to the new page and so we set about the gruelling task of combining, comparing and compiling species lists from a bunch that we have on record. We came up with lists of trees, birds and snakes that we were happy with and loaded them onto the new website.

As the lists were uploaded, they needed updating. The African Finfoot, an aquatic bird and an underwater specialist had escaped Lissataba’s twitchers eyes until this month. A usually secretive bird, a single African Finfoot was seen in plain view by some of our shareholders on the Olifants River. Without a care in the world, this bird was viewed for quite some time and even long enough for a photograph or two to be taken. Apparently this one didn’t read the Finfoot rule book on elusiveness. Many thanks to Bruce and Pippa Steele-Gray (site 20) for sharing your findings with us.

The great thing about species lists, they are a constant work in progress and may never be completed. Feel free to investigate and explore the lists and let us know of any additions, deletions, amendments and typo’s.