Environmental Education – Finale Village

Maatla Primary School For a number of years, Lissataba has been working with Maatla Primary School in the neighbouring village, Finale. The programme aims to educate the young learners on environmental factors such as sustainability, pollution and the negative impact of poaching. The grade 7 class is split into three groups. Once a month, one of the groups comes through to Lissataba and takes part in one of a 3-phase lesson plan. Therefore, each group will visit Lissataba three times in the year. Lesson 1 covers abiotic factors such as soil, air, sun and water. Lesson 2 covers plant life, including; photosynthesis and the importance of plants. Lesson 3 covers aspects of the animal world, including the negative impact of poaching and conservation of species. After each lesson, the group goes on game drive to see the animals and appreciate them in their natural environment. In 2012, owners of Lissataba made donations for paints and equipment to re-decorate the grade 7 classroom and create a more colourful learning environment. The classroom was decorated with drawings of the earth, the photosynthesis pathway and various animals and tracks. In 2013, a generous donation of R10,000 was made to Maatla. This kind donation was organised through some of our homeowners, but came from the brethren of Corona Lodge, a Masonic group. The money was put towards brightening up the outside of the school, creating a swing set, an alphabet board, number board and hopscotch’s in the playground. Bavaria Fruit Farm We often receive donated items from homeowners such as clothes, toys, stationery and books. What may not always be suitable to give to Maatla Primary School, we give to a community outreach officer working on Bavaria Fruit Farm. Here, they work closely with children of the farm workers at Gorutha crèche and also with a local HIV/AIDs charity, Hlokomela.