CrocodileJust after sunrise of the 30th September, a nyala carcass was found on the driveway to site 45/46 by one of
our security staff as he carried out his morning rounds. After a closer inspection of the dead animal, the cause of death was quickly attributed to a leopard (Panthera pardus).

A remote trail camera was placed at the carcass to see if the culprit would return. Over the following nights, the female leopard returned to the carcass and we were fortunate to get some great photos. Using the leopard ID kits, we were able to ascertain that this female, now known as ‘Female 5’ had never previously been seen on Lissataba. If this wasn’t exciting enough, the photos that followed were incredible.

In the last hour of the day, on the evening of 2nd October, a huge crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) came to finish off the carcass. The photos show just how big this crocodile was. From our approximations, it must be around 5m in length.