Some of you may remember us mentioning in the August/September newsletter about a mystery animal that has been seen many times on main road. Well the mystery is solved. There are many creatures on Lissataba that act elusively and that continue to evade us, but almost none more so than the caracal, Felis caracal. 

Whilst coming home through the reserve after the weekly town trip, Beth was fortunate enough to see this beautiful cat in broad daylight. Just metres from a flock of alarm calling guineafowl, the caracal had been busy laying in wait for its hunting opportunity. Its stalking efforts were temporarily halted as it weighed up its options between the hunt and the vehicle. Sadly the cat chose to flee rather than focus on its prey. An incredible sighting and a very special moment.

The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘karakulak’ which means ‘black ear’. They are renowned for their amazing bird hunting abilities, of which their long and strong back legs are aptly designed. The well known phrase ‘to put the cat amongst the pigeons’ originates from the hunting prowess of the caracal, when they were once tamed and trained for bird hunting in Iran.