Bird Survey

Birds in Reserves Project (BIRP)

aduThis is run by the Animal Demography Unit (ADU), University of Cape Town in conjunction with BirdLife South Africa. The aim of BIRP is to catalogue the species of birds which occur in South Africa’s protected areas with the purpose of identifying species which are not adequately protected.




South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON)  

BirdingSurveySaeonSAEON’s aim is to carry out long term studies of ecosystems in a bid to detect, predict and react to environmental change. It strives to distinguish between anthropogenic and natural change as well as to unravel the relations between social change and ecosystem change. The Ndlovu node of SAEON is based in the Kruger National Park near to Phalaborwa and is focused on environmental changes within the savanna biome. Lissataba submits the monthly bird lists to the Ndlovu node as part of their bird abundance survey.

It is hoped that this long term monitoring will assist with the national studies and eventually patterns will emerge that will aid conservationists in their work.