The magic of Africa

Lissataba, which may be translated from the local language to mean “view of the mountain”; is a privately owned 2500ha reserve which forms part of the Blyde Olifants Conservancy. The reserve is near the Kruger National Park and 45km from the town of Hoedspruit. The reserve has 54 homesteads of various designs built into a granite geosphere rocks, surround trees & houses so that each blend into each other.  Each home is independently owned, owners come to the reserve to enjoy the environment, the birds and the animals, it is not a commercial reserve.

As the reserve is not a  Big 5 reserve, owners are able to get close to nature; they are able to explore the 24 km2 of acacia bush reserve by foot, on bicycles or in open game drive vehicles. The owners and management of Lissataba want to maintain this part of arid lowveld, by sustaining a healthy ecosystem and making Lissataba a unique reserve where the outdoor experience for owners is guaranteed.

Lissataba Time Line

World War 2: After World War 2 Harmony Block of Farms were offered for sale by the government.
1968: Mr Daniel Otto van Zyl bought the farm and continued as a cattle rancher until 1968.
1968: On the 17th August 1968 Dr Anton Rupert and family bought the portion KT 140, which is now Lissataba.
1968: On the 18th September 1968 it was registered as a company and promulgated a Nature and Wildlife Reserve in the Government Gazette.
1980: The then S.A. Ambassador to the Hague, Dr Bodenstein bought the company from the Rupert’s and removed all the internal fences from the property.
1981: January 1981 the new owner Mr. Louie van der Westhuizen took transfer of the property.
1988: During 1988 Share Block registration was gazetted.
1989: Mr Navarre de Villiers sold the first 5 shares.
2001: The boundary fence between Lissataba and Phuza Moya was removed.
2013: Lissataba celebrates 25 years.
2013: Lissataba applied to convert from share block to freehold.
2015: The boundary fence between Lissataba and Phuza Moya was re-erected.